Home Wheel Chair Lifts

Home wheelchair lifts are the best solutions in residences where users have to access different floors. Wheelchair lifts are especially useful for wheelchair bound persons who crave independence and wish to move about on their own.

Advanced Features for Safe and Reliable Operation

For safe and reliable operation, home wheel chair lifts are equipped with advanced safety features such as antiskid flooring, grab rails, obstruction sensor, cable safety device, alarm button, emergency stop switch and manual lowering device. Moreover, with home wheel chair lifts you can enjoy all the added benefits including:

– Greater independence
– Reasonable pricing
– Suitable for indoor and homelift outdoor applications
– Better portability
– Easier to operate

Home Wheelchair Lifts in Different Models and Types

Plenty of wheel chair lift models are now available in the market. You can find them primarily as two basic types – hydraulic powered and electric powered ones. For flawless functioning without shocks or jerks, the hydraulic lifts use fluid for operation. Electric powered lifts that function with the support of electricity also come with a battery backup system for functioning even during power outages. They are flexible to use and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Home wheel chair lifts are now available as portable lifts, platform lifts, inclined chair lifts and many other models to complement your residential settings.

Brand Name Products from Reliable Manufacturers

Savaria Concord, Garaventa and ThyssenKrupp Access are the manufacturers offering quality home wheelchair lifts that are in great demand. You can buy these branded products from leading dealers and distributors.

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