Increase Golf Swing Speed – 3 Ways to Swing Faster and Hit it Farther

If you like many other golfer then you want to better your game and lower your score. But where to find the golf swing keys to open the door to the next level of your game. Well, you want to know where and what keys you can use? Then read on and improve your game right now.

A good and simple golf swing technique is to film yourself and analyze your motions. This is very effective and can give you a big advantage. Ask a friend of yours if he wants to film you. Some people are screaming “Oh no, I do not want that. I am shy and….!”. But trust me, you will see why you stuck in your game pretty fast and then practice your weak parts of the swing. yoga trapeze

Concentrate yourself while you are swinging. Mental fitness is a key to success. Train your brain and you will see quick results. Maybe you prefer yoga or something like that. This might help but I prefer a good golf fitness guide for both, mental and physical fitness.
But this is up to you. Search for the right tools that suits your needs.

What you also should consider dealing with the golf swing keys is to improve your stance. A solid and good stance is important otherwise you will slice the ball. Put your shoulders up and stay ahead to the ball. The stance should be as wide as the shoulders and the right foot straight to the ball. The left feet slightly to the left. As I said if you film yourself you will see how good your stance is. Have a look at some pro videos and do a comparison.

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